Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Barrow

Cool and foggy day here in Barrow. My flight was weather delayed leaving Fairbanks and in Prudhoe making for a long morning without much walking around. Hard to pace once you're inside the plane. I walked a bit this evening but just barely managed 10k steps today. It is the end of the day and it has been a really long day...

Friday 8/31/07 - Well, I'm still in Barrow. Made a drastic change in the BASC network configuration and it took much longer than I expected. Each day has been long usually something like 16 hours! The weather continues to be cool and foggy but I still managed to go jogging each morning. We did a test video conference this afternoon between Barrow and Scott Base in Antarctica to see how bad the latency was going to be. It was very noticeable with a double satellite hop but the 10 minute test went well. They are just beginning their spring season and they had a great view out of their window with a view of the ocean and Scott Cross.

Since I am still in Barrow, I won't get the Squiggly moved to its new location probably until Sunday or maybe even as late as Tuesday.

Saturday 9/1/07 - Patiently waiting for my flight back home. I went for a short jog this morning after breakfast as well as a walk after lunch. All appears to be stable with the exception of a few glitches with wireless but we didn't get done testing until almost 2 this morning. Still cool and foggy (mid 30s) and today there was a pretty good breeze blowing off of the Beaufort Sea through the NARL campus. There isn't anything to stop the wind except for a few buildings.

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