Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tok, AK

I left at about 10:30 this morning headed to D2D aka Dust to Dawson. With the Ural, 200 miles is a reasonable day. I stopped at Birch Lake for a short break (2nd picture), Delta Junction for gas, and filled up again in Tok. I then headed for Thompson’s Eagles Claw motorcycle campground located a little south of Tok. I didn’t make reservations so I’m overflow camping between campsites. I have stayed here a couple of times before in 2015.

In addition to campsites, Eagles Claw has a wall tent, a bunkhouse, an ambulance and a school bus that you can rent. Supposedly, everything is booked up tonight so I snagged an “overflow” space. Set up the tent anywhere on the moss and park along the road. It’s about 180 miles to Dawson City tomorrow including the Top of the World Hwy. Looking forward to it. 


  1. Your tent site looks pretty good for "overflow"....I've stayed there before, in the Wall Tent. Met a couple of riders who would end up riding with me on the ferry to Bellingham and again near Tillamook!

    1. My overflow site is just to the right of the wall tent. It was a pretty good site. Met lots of other motorcyclists. Some visiting AK, some living in AK, and one passing through on his way to Ushuaia on their ‘round the world trip. The Ural was a real magnet for people.