Friday, June 21, 2019

Dawson City, YT

Today’s D2D activity was a poker run. I believe the intent is to get people out and about seeing the area around Dawson City. I decided that I have too many aches and pains for that. I’m really out of shape to go riding everyday. Especially on the gravel roads. Yes, they are a blast but you really end up moving around a lot on the bike. There is a pretty good group from Fairbanks, and Trails End/Outpost sent up quite a few items for the drawing later today. Tonight, is the dinner put on by the local fire department as a fund raiser. The food is usually pretty good.

Part of the fun of this event is seeing the different setups that people have such as this BMW GSA with a Freedom Sidecars custom setup.The sidecar is huge and designed for hauling stuff. They have two rigs and just returned from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, and they were looking for a car wash with a pressure washer.

This evening, they are having “biker games” and at midnight, assemble all of the bikes for a group picture. At the dinner, there were drawings for a lot of donated stuff. I won a shirt and picked up a tool roll in the silent auction. 


  1. Replies
    1. None, though mine generated a lot of interest. There was one DMC Adventure rig mounted on a Triumph and two Freedom Sidecar rigs both on BMW R1200GSA.

  2. Sounds like your poker runs are far better than in NZ. They're still in a good cause here but are usually populated by Harley-riding wannabe badasses who drink and can't ride to save themselves!

    1. This was an ADV centered event. I didn’t go on the poker run but friends said it did have some challenging rocks and sand.