Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Busy Saturday

I finished the one section of the porch so at least the front door is useable again. I need twenty-eight more deck boards or fourteen twelve footers to finish it off. Then I need to start on the railing or bench. I haven't decided which would look better. I'm leaning towards a bench with the backrest functioning like the railing.

I also continued working on the Ural. Checked the front brake pads, new ones have been ordered but there is enough material left on the pads for the Dawson trip. The air cleaner has been cleaned and re-oiled. Valve clearances have been checked. All were within the 0.002" - 0.004" range but I set all of them to 0.003". And I re-installed the blow-by catch can. Raceway had a fancy name for it. Essentially, the crankcase vent pipe is routed to an aluminum container mounted to the frame above the left cylinder. And another hose is run to a small air filter behind the battery.
For the last couple of years, I had simply run a hose along the top of the engine so the left side of the engine is very dirty. I sprayed it with a degreaser and after letting it sit for a bit, I rinsed it off with water. It looks better but there is still a lot of built-up grime.

Also ordered with the brake pads is another oil filter, a Heidenau K28 for the pusher for the Idaho trip, and another tube so I'll have a good spare.


redlegsrides said...

So, do you find doing maintenance on the Ural....therapeutic? :)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Another question, have you been using Heidenau K28's previously? Must be worthwhile?

RichardM said...

Things like this are not really “work” and I don’t mind doing it. Things like greasing the input splines or changing tires start to resemble “work”.

RichardM said...

I used a K28 on the pusher on my last trip and it lasted a long time. Probably over double the K37 when used on the pusher.