Monday, December 3, 2018

Day 7 - Colonial Williamsburg

Here are some scenes of the fireworks aka “The Grand Illumination”. The fireworks lasted for over fifteen minutes and from where we were sitting on the Palace Green, we had a great view with the Governor’s Palace in the background. There were three simultaneous, synched shows located at different locations within Colonial Williamsburg. I like having the Palace as a background for the fireworks.

The first is a test of an animated “Live View” iPhone photo that’s been converted to a loop. I’m just curious whether it’ll work. The second is a short phone video that’s been uploaded to YouTube, also done on the phone and uploaded while waiting to exit the parking lot. Estimated attendance was around 28,000 which translates to long lines.

I guess “Live Photo” is not supported by Blogger. Here is the same photo converted to a video by Google Photo.

Otherwise, today was an off day. Bridget and her brother are going through old pictures and other paperwork left by their parents.


  1. Is the first pic supposed to be animated. Second one was cool, you've either a very steady hand or had a tripod or something similar.

    1. It’s supposed to be but I’m not sure of the format Apple uses. I thought that maybe it exported them as an animated gif which Blogger supports. I guess not.

      And no tripod.