Saturday, December 1, 2018

Day 5 - Colonial Williamsburg

Being the weekend, there were a lot more people here at Williamsburg than there were yesterday. I hear that tomorrow is going to be a zoo but the event, called The Grand Illuminations, is on Bridget’s bucket list. One of these years I need to get one of those lists.

This is the magazine, I believe. Where weapons and gunpowder was stored.

We are guessing that this drum and fife group was a local group from a school. I guess the normal group has red uniforms. I guess marching band is a little different around here.

After walking around for the afternoon, I’m pretty exhausted. Tomorrow, we head back again. The Grand Illumination is when all of the Christmas lights are turned on and a big fireworks display. I heat that it is a big deal.

Shortly after we arrived, we noticed this Ural with Santa and elf. It was a carbureted 1wd version. When Bridget mentioned that we had a Ural in Alaska, he asked how a Ural ended up in Alaska. And was amazed when I mentioned that there was a dealer there. Lots of pictures were taken of the rig by others. He should have been charging for pictures.


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    1. There was even room for an elf, though she looked a bit grouchy. It was cold...