Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ural Driveshaft Boot Replacement

How about some actual motorcycle content…

This rubber grease seal disappeared sometime last winter exposing the driveshaft splines to the elements. During the winter, not a problem, but the rain could wash dirt into the splines. Not good. I ordered a replacement from Ural NW and it’s been sitting on a shelf for a couple of months. I finally installed it today and also cleaned and greased the splines. While I was at it, I greased the rear wheel splines, the sidecar driveshaft splines and both U-joints on the sidecar driveshaft. The job only took about an hour but you end up pretty grimy when finished. 

Next moto task is to fabricate brackets for a new steering damper. The new style Ural hydraulic one has worn out again. This is already the second one worn in about 30k km. But there are some other non-moto tasks in line. 


  1. I've not had good luck with the stock steering dampners....

    1. The hydraulic one worked fine for a while and definitely was better than the friction damper.