Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Back Home

On Tuesday morning, I rode down to College Coffeehouse as was my normal routine. Afterwards, I picked up a pre-made kale salad from Safeway and took it to the pavilion at the Georgeson Botanical Gardens on the University campus. Not to look at the flowers but to enjoy visiting with other IT staff members at their annual picnic. It was good to visit without needing to stay and go back to my office. I then washed the mud and grime from the truck. At least this was the first washing. Now that it’s dry, I can now see all the spots I missed. Maybe tomorrow.

I took the new pedal assist bike for a ride. Just to the University and back mostly to see how well it does on our hill. I used the pedal assist mode and had a great ride. Much faster than I can pedal but it definitely works better when you do pedal and not simply rely on the motor. On the Farmers Loop bike path I was able to easily average around 17 mph. The thumb throttle is most useful when starting from a stop before you start pedaling. On the subdivision road where I usually end up walking (steep uphill), I was able to pedal + motor at around 12 mph. In fact, I passed up our driveway and continued up to the top of the road just because I could! Still, it was 75°F and I was very warm when I arrived back home. The bike path had a lot of gravel and sandy stretches and the nice, fat tires rolled through those sections easily. 


  1. I have recently learned to appreciate kale. I like it best in soup, but am slowly learning to like it in salads, just not as the main ingredient. Nice to know you're liking that bike.

    1. When used in a soup or stew, Kale is pretty much the same as any other green. The bike is pretty nice and you still get some exercise especially if you turn down the pedal assist.