Saturday, May 26, 2018

Almost Ready

A few more RV upgrades. I had forgotten to drain the kitchen sprayer hose when I winterized it last September. The water in the hose froze and there were spray parts all over the counter in the spring. Rather than simply pick up another faucet from an RV shop, I just went to Home Depot to see what will fit. They had this nice stainless model with a spray for about half the cost of anything from the RV store. It bolted right in and the Pex lines screwed right into the bottom of the faucet. After replacing the faucet, I went ahead and flushed the RV antifreeze from the pump and all of the lines. I then switched the hot water heater bypass and tested the hot water heater. It worked great. On to the next project.

If you ever had an older RV, you may remember having to stuff the shore power cord through a small door where it piles up inside of some cabinet. I never cared for that system especially when it was raining or cold as it is a pretty heavy cable. I had picked up a conversion kit last year where you install a connector with a twist-lock connection and it includes the parts to add a waterproof twist-lock on the end of the existing power cord. I just installed it into the small door and sealed the door shut with silicone caulk. This eliminates one more place for bugs to get into the RV.

I put a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the new floor then used quarter round moulding to cover the cut edge of the new floor. I had pushed the moulding into the silicone to make sure the moulding still fit and it dried in place. This meant that I needed to paint the molding after it was installed. A lot more trouble than I was planning for. But it's done now.

We pulled out the old stereo unit. Not really sure what to do with the area. A lot of the AC power runs through the area and there are multiple holes to the space below the shelf.

I'm trying to figure out what else I still need to do.

Monday morning update - The list

  • Change truck engine oil
  • Top off battery water
  • Pick up grade 8 hitch bolts 
  • Remove stereo from trailer
  • Install smoke detector 
  • Change exterior light bulbs to LED
  • Change propane pigtails 
  • Clean under bed storage 
  • Clean A/C condenser
  • Check solar panel mounts
  • Check roof Dicor
  • Find all pieces for water
  • Find all pieces for sewer
  • Pick up 30 amp extension 
  • Make ground-neutral bond adapter for generator 
  • Change generator oil
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check trailer tires
  • Pick up storage box for RV cover (can’t find a box big enough!)
  • Contact CC and bank

    1. Quite the list RichardM!

      I like the idea of not having to pull out and stow away the power cable....I'll have to take a look at your rig when next we meet.

      1. Trying to stuff a cold, stiff cable into that little hole has always bugged me. On this and all other RVs I've had. This is a relatively easy fix.

    2. I changed out the cord for an inlet too. When cord was cold, (camping in the winter,) it was too stiff to push back into the compartment besides the door being a large "hole" to loose (or gain) heat through. I like to cycle every appliance or system at home before we launch to ensure everything still works. You've got a good list. Dislike fixing things on the road.

      1. The trailer is seventeen years old. Some of these things are due such as the propane pigtails. I'm not sure why they are hard as a rock but the flexible line from the regulator on is still nice and flexible. Maybe it's been changed in the past.

    3. What a bummer about the spray hose freezing, but you came up with a great, economical fix. Everything in the RV stores costs more than it should! Great fix for the power cord too! You are dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, which always makes for a better trip. 😀

      1. I was planning on replacing the faucet anyway. And was considering one without a spray nozzle. But the nozzle made it easy to fill the Berkey water purifier.

        I hope that this will be a trouble free trip.