Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ural Assembly - 1

No longer just engine assembly so I figure I can start again at "1". No matter what I do or say, it's still going to be a ten part series.

Since I was riding just a short distance today, I grabbed my old Kilimanjaro jacket with a fleece liner this morning. There was a bit of fluffy snow but not enough to accumulate. And even though the distance was really short, 10°F still felt cold. I'll blame it on the high humidity.

I didn't do very much on the Ural this afternoon. I replaced the clutch throwout rod and inspected the throwout bearing. I had ordered a replacement but I think I will just keep it on the shelf. The old one is in great shape. I then installed the transmission onto the engine. The clutch throwout rod has a square end that fits into the clutch pack so I installed this initially onto the clutch. I then fed the rod into the center of the input shaft which I inserted into both of the friction discs. Then bolted them together with 3 of the 4 bolts. The fourth one also attaches the starter. The engine/trans combination is heavy enough.

No more Ural posts for a week or so. We are headed south and east for a week.


  1. Getting there! I've found recently its good to have a spare throwout bearing assembly. I was told to put a little bit of grease on the bearings after initial assembly btw.

    1. I was surprised at the amount of oil the throw out bearing had. I do plan on changing the "O" rings as there was quite the oil/dirt mess at the back of the transmission from the release mechanism. I was amazed at the price of the throw out bearing. Almost double the main bearing.

    2. Quite the pricy item, I am hoping URAL will give me a replacement for my spare which was destroyed by the gearbox issue which apparently was the bearing mounted for the shaft in which the throwout rod is installed to traverse the gearbox.

    3. Have they said whether it was the front or rear bearing and why?

    4. no formal reply from URAL yet. Randy, the CO dealer, believes it was the rear bearing. No reason given as to "why" yet.

  2. I'll get there again, Richard. Enjoy your time off. The Ural won't run away...