Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All Packed Up

All packed up and ready to head out tomorrow morning. All of my stuff including camping gear fit easily in the sidecar with room to spare. I even have a small ice chest and half gallon water jug on the sidecar seat. The tail bag has the things that I wouldn't want to leave out such as medications, cameras, etc. Kind of like when I was commuting. The only real thing that stands out is the extra tire tied onto the rear rack and the two 10 liter gas cans. Generally only the rear can will be used as the front one adds weight in a less than desirable location. There are only a couple of times when the distance between gas stations is far enough when both will be needed.

Even though I had told myself to stop messing around with things on the rig, after much thought, I switched back to the stock air box. An 8,000 mile trip is probably the wrong time to test the durability of the design. This necessitated a slight change in the carb jetting to compensate for the more restricted flow. The following information is so I can keep track of what is currently installed.
  • Pilot jet: 40
  • Main jet: 127.5
  • One shim under the needle
The GoPro and it's remote are running off of bike power so it should be easy for me to punch the record button anytime I see something worthwhile. For the next month, I'll be relying on campground wi-fi so posting may be somewhat irregular but the intent is to post every day. There is a link to my Spotwalla page on the upper right though it won't show any data points until tomorrow (hopefully).