Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Road Trip

Just beginning the planning process for my 2015 road trip.

Some known dates and locations:
  • 06/17 - 202 miles - Fairbanks, AK to Tok, AK, Eagle Claw Campground I'm meeting Jeff from Palmer here
  • 06/18 - Dawson City, YT, 5th Ave B&B
  • 06/19 - 0 miles, 5th Ave B&B
  • 06/20 - Start heading south
  • 06/21 --> 7/17 - Cassiar Hwy, Stewart, Jasper, Banff, Whistler, ??
  • 07/18 - Arrive Helena, MT
  • 07/21 - 269 miles - Leave Helena, MT, to Kooskia, ID
  • 07/22 - 245 miles - Kooskia, ID, to Paterson, WA
  • 07/23 - 152 miles - Paterson, WA, to Corbett, OR, Nomura-Nakadegawa Family Reunion
  • 07/26 - 106 miles - Corbett, OR to Corvallis, OR
  • 07/27 --> 07/31 - Here is where Bridget and I plan to do some traveling with the Ural for about a week. I'm thinking PNW coast maybe into Vancouver Island. Unknown at this point in time.
  • 08/01 --> 08/06 - Corvallis, OR
  • 08/06 --> 08/10 - Drive to Chico, CA, and back for a wedding
  • 08/11 - Start to head north again - 2404 miles
  • 08/17 - Arrive Home
The first part is something like this. A lot of the wandering is in southern BC. This route is about 4500 miles according to Google.

Here is another option. This is about 4,000 miles.


Martha said...

Wow. Pack up your cares and enjoy that fabulous route.

Unknown said...

Take the scenic route!... Hmmm, both probably fit that description.

I look forward to reading about your ride.

Trobairitz said...

Looks like fun. I've marked on our calendar when you'll be in Corvallis. We'd love to take you and Bridget to dinner. If we miss Bridget, don't worry, we'll still take you out.

We can give you some tips of twisty roads up/down the coast. Let me know if you want some local insider backroads. Of course, your sister probably knows some of them too.

Dar said...

Richard, if you venture onto the Island be sure to connect with me! Lots of great places to see and ride to.

RichardM said...

This was the first pass at looking for places to see. Much of the trip is somewhat "routine" as there really aren't too many ways to get to/from Alaska.

RichardM said...

I'm thinking of the shorter one. If kinda depends on how things are going with the Ural.

RichardM said...

Thank you! We haven't got around to figuring out where to go but I suspect it'll be along the coast and not the interior. I don't remember when Bridget is heading home but I think it's 8/3.

RichardM said...

Haven't figured out where to go but Vancouver Island may add too much distance to the trip. What's the cheapest ferry route?

redlegsrides said...

Looks like a great going to let us "track" you via SPOT?

RichardM said...

I already have it set up on Spotwalla and have been testing the setup again. I still need to fine a better location for the Spot device. On the Beemer I just used the tank bag but I don't plan on using the tank bag on this trip (so far).

Bluekat said...

Wow, maybe we'll cross paths somewhere. We'll be in Idaho/WA around those times. Anyway whatever route you pick hope it's a great trip!

RichardM said...

That'll be near the end of your trip!