Friday, February 6, 2015

Clear and Cold

Still having clear, sunny days but in this case that means another cold spell. This morning, Yahoo weather was reporting -38°F for Fairbanks so I opted, yet again, to use the truck for my commute. I've still been submitting PBC videos by making multiple videos in a single day. For example, on Monday, I took a ride at noon and another in the evening as I headed out to the Silver Gulch. It was much colder in the Goldstream Valley so I stopped, ended one video and started up another one. Due to the temperature, I didn't stop and park at the Silver Gulch but headed home (via the scenic route) to the heated garage. I got a ride back out from BruceW, the Ural rider from Ketchikan, as he was borrowing his friends suv. A much warmer ride.

The picture above is a test of another iPhone photography app called Hydra. It takes quite a few pictures in a row to generate the HDR photo. I'm not sure of the number but more than three. It has another interesting mode where it'll take a bunch of pictures (43 on the last test) and somehow morph them together for an 35 megapixel image. Electronic magic.

I just heard back from Mickey, the Anchorage Ural dealer, and my parts have been mailed and should arrive in by the weekend. Time to get started on reassembly of the Ural. I hope I haven't lost any parts.

The first PBC video is the continuation of PBC #38. From where I stopped in the Goldstream Valley when I noticed that it had cooled off. Still a nice moonlit night. One thing I "added" was slowing down the video as I was riding over the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

The second video was just a ride out and around the north side of town that I rode after work. Just something to post on the PBC site. BTW, here is a link to the PBC site for anyone who is interested.

The third video was a ride to fill up the rig. It had warmed up to -18°F by mid afternoon and with the bright sunshine, it was a really nice ride though it was starting to cool off by the time I got home. Plus, the heated grips on the Beemer are somewhat broken again. Also the right blinker and brake light on the sidecar. More broken wires.

Friday Evening Update - The parts arrived from Ural in today's mail. One lifter assembly, one pushrod plus two valve cover gaskets. I had ordered the valve cover gaskets earlier to be delivered whenever the speedometer came in. They were "no charge" courtesy of Mickey. Tomorrow the Ural gets reassembled plus another oil change.

On the BMW, there were two broken wires under the sidecar. The ground wire from the bike chassis to the sidecar body and the brake light wire. There is some flex necessary as the body rides on rubber rings suspending it from the frame. The bouncing just caused the wires to fatigue and fail. This isn't the first time they needed to be repaired.


SonjaM said...

Is riding against the sun as difficult as it seems on the vid? Looks mighty blinding.

RichardM said...

It depends on whether or not the visor is partially fogging up and going directly into the sun. Many times, I need to open the visor to get a clear view.

redlegsrides said...

Too bad most of the snow has fallen off the trees at the beginning half of the third video...I like the look of the snow-clad trees along the roadside that came along later in the video.

Are you putting any HEET in your gas when you fill up?

Glad to hear the Beemer rig is running well, good to have a spare sidecar rig in Winter up there eh?

How is Whojigger's rig doing in the all this cold?

RichardM said...

When it's this cold, we rarely get any snow. But I'm sure there'll be more coming soon.

No, I rarely put Heet into the tank and the last I checked (last weekend) there was no water in the tank on the Beemer. The slight mod of the crankcase vent eliminated the moisture problem that has been plaguing me for the last couple of years.

It IS nice to have a "spare" sidecar rig. It makes me re-think my summer plans.

Whojigger is back in Fairbanks again and he is storing it at a friends house until May. I believe that he is still in town until sometime next week. And he's still having problems with the vent freezing. It probably has blown out some seals the way he's losing oil.

Martha said...

I haven't seen any snowmobiles in your videos. Where are they allowed to ride?

This is probably a dumb question (because if it was a good idea you would have already thought of it), but could you wrap a hand warmer around the GoPro battery?

RichardM said...

Generally, the only ones who ride around town on the bike paths are kids and even then, there are much better trails away from the road.

I suspect that it could help though there isn't a lot of heat without some sort of insulating wrap around the camera. I think a better solution would be to just use an external power source. Fairly straightforward to make though I think that the parts would need to be ordered. And there is only 9 more days of PBC videos.

Martha said...

I suppose that's what I was thinking- not many more days to go, so why tinker with wires. But you are a wirey guy, so that's no problem. It would be nice to know how to do the mechanical things you do!

RichardM said...

I ordered a clone GoPro case from Amazon that I wouldn't feel bad about drilling a hole in. Then I could just run a USB cable straight into the camera and run it off of either bike power or one of several external USB batteries that I've accumulated over the years (for charging cell phones).

Trobairitz said...

I really like the colors in that photo Richard. I am continually surprised (although I shouldn't be) at how well phone pictures come out.

RichardM said...

The phones work well when there is plenty of light but are horrible in low light conditions. I'm not sure how this new app works. It claims to be able to make a 35 megapixel image with an 8 megapixel sensor.

VStar Lady said...

The PBC site was interesting too Richard. Looks like the challenge will soon come to an end, but something tells me you will be tempted to continue snow riding!

RichardM said...

Probably not as tempted to ride at these kind of temperatures. The PBC was sort of an incentive to keep riding plus I did want to make some videos.