Thursday, July 10, 2014

SledShed Wireless

This is one of the buildings on the edge of the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO) and for a long time, it has not had any network access. This morning, we installed a tiny antenna on the side of the building (upper left corner) and it now has ~45 Mbps access to the network in the main building. Not too shabby. All of the webcams were installed several years ago when we were testing a 700MHz wireless system and the cameras provided a great data stream.

Here is a better look at the antenna and mount. Pretty straightforward installation. The other end of this is the 60° panel that I showed in the previous post. The building is called the SledShed as it is built on steel runners allowing it to be readily moved around. 


David Masse said...

I have a vague memory of the early WIFI days when the plans for an antenna built from a Pringles can were making the rounds. The antenna could extend a WIFI network over a great distance in a narrow focused beam.

Unknown said...


I don't even get 45 Mbps here at home. I need you to come over and install an antenna for me. Either that drag that sledshed down here and I'll find room in the back yard

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RichardM said...

The Pringles can antenna were a pretty popular device back when just about every wireless card had an external antenna port. This system is running on A/N mixed in the 5GHz unlicensed spectrum. This location is about 5km away from the main building.

RichardM said...

You need to remember that the 45Mbps is from that site to the main building. The Internet connection for the whole site is only a 5Mbps satellite connection. I suspect that your home broadband is faster than that!

David Masse said...

Bob, there's no room for the sledshed in your back yard because the wondershed is there.