Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Arctic Circle & GoPro Testing

On Saturday, we went up to the Arctic Circle with Bridget's brother. He wanted to pick up a couple of geocaches north of the Arctic Circle. It seemed like a good opportunity to play with the GoPro again. The first video was taken with the camera mounted to the top of the truck windshield using the suction cup mount. It was taken on the Dalton Hwy as we were returning from the Arctic Circle. The first couple of clips were at 1 frame per second and the rest were at 1 frame per 2 seconds so you will notice that the video seems to speed up. You may also notice that the road is pretty nice gravel or pavement at least to the Arctic Circle.

The road was just a little muddy. Not as bad as it could be. My son offered to clean the truck after we got back home so it is all clean and shiny again. Thank you Kyle!
This second video was with the camera attached to the left turn signal mount on the Ural. Still trying to find a good place for the camera. This was my regular commute into the university with a few of the buildings highlighted. Ignore the invalid title near the beginning. I'm still getting used to the GoPro Editor...
Update - Mike Saunders is back from his trip to Prudhoe Bay on his 49cc Ruckus. Read about his adventure!


David Masse said...

Richard, I couldn't remember where I got the link to MIke Saunders' blog and was going to let you know he was in your neighborhood. I now suspect I picked the link up from you.

He posted (the same?) Arctic Circle sign.

Wow, what a ride, what photos. Yours too, by the way.

SonjaM said...

Cool time-lapse video. I didn't know you had a brown truck.

RichardM said...

The Arctic Circle sign is posted all over the place as busloads of tourists stop their to get their picture taken in front of the sign. At times, there's a line. While we were there, a V-Strom rider was taking a picture of him and his bike. He had no aspirations of going any further north.

I just met Mike this morning for coffee and he had some great stories.

RichardM said...

I was originally thinking about doing time-lapse all the way from Livengood to the border but I don't think the GoPro batteries will last that long.

Actually, a two-tone finish that changes color depending on the humidity.

redlegsrides said...

I like putting the gopro camera either on the nose, just forward of the leading edge of the passenger compartment opening....or, on the rack mounted above the spare tire....if you mount a tripod there, you get a better angle of view and it shows the driver, passenger and most of the sidecar as well.

RichardM said...

I was thinking of trying to fasten my monopod to the rear rack but maybe I'll try the tripod first.

Unknown said...


I have my GoPro on the left handlebar so I can turn it on and off easily without using the battery sucking remote.

I keep looking for the bridge but no windsock to been seen.

I think a high angle like Dom suggested would be great.

bob: riding the wet coast

RichardM said...

You should be able to spot the windsock, it's only about 100 miles to the southwest. I just fired up the GoPro Studio program and started to import video. I had forgotten about the titles left from the last video I messed with. I have a couple of batteries for the camera but it's usually the battery in the remote that runs out first.

I remember one of his high angle videos and it almost had an Imax feel to it with the camera seemingly "floating" above the sidecar.

SonjaM said...

Did you have to pay extra for the colour scheme?