Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Ural Mod

I don't think qualifies as a "farkle" but at $2, the price was right. While picking up some groceries this afternoon, I stopped at th hardware store and picked up this lightweight spring for the clutch throwout arm on the Ural. When I was checking the clutch adjustment, it seemed "vague". I am used to pulling in the clutch lever and feeling the contact of the throwout bearing and the clutch. On the Ural, there isn't a light spring to pull the clutch arm away from the mechanism. Plus, while the engine is running you can see the arm vibrate a lot. Nothing that a $2 spring can't solve.

The bigger challenge was finding a light enough spring at the hardware store as it doesn't take much force to pull the arm back. One end is simply hooked over the clutch throw out arm and the other is hooked on the backside of the battery mount. Not much of a mod but the clutch lever no longer has that vague feeling as you can now easily feel how much free play you have. I remember that Dom had also added a spring and it's one of those things that make a lot of sense.

I doubt that other Ural mods will be as reasonably priced. A few items have been ordered ;-)

The weather today was on the warm side. Almost too hot. All I really had time for today were some local errands and some shopping to pick up something to throw on the grill later in the afternoon. Bridget hired a painter to prep and paint the dining room but there was a lot of junk to move and sort through. Cabinets to come down and a wall mounted desk to remove.

Here is my grandson helping to pull off the multiple layers of old wallpaper and paneling that have probably been there since the house was buiilt in the mid-70s. What a mess.



redlegsrides said...

Man, not even owned it a week and already modding it! ;)

Mickey of Anchorage Ural suggested the mod to me while I was up there last year, I think it'll extend the lift of the nub of the throwout arm....when the nub gets to a certain point of wear, it no longer pushes in as it should and one's rig tends to "creep forward" when stopped at a light with clutch lever pulled back.

RichardM said...

I thought you'd be amazed that I waited as long as I did. I looked at several online stores for Ural and found one (Heindl Engineering) that will ship USPS. Their shipping costs were a fraction of the other places.

I did test for that. In first gear and the clutch lever pulled in, there wasn't even a hint of any creeping. But I'll be watching for that. How do you extend the nub on the lever?

The addition of the reverse lever by the tank makes it really easy to put the transmission in neutral at stops. Even partially cycling the lever will put it into neutral.

redlegsrides said...

Good that you found someone who ships USPS, Heindl Engineering has a good rep.

As to nub extension, you can (as raceway did because they didn't have a replacement lever on hand while I was there), weld a bit of steel onto the lever, cut/shape/file into shape....I now carry a spare lever.

So when your rig ever exhibits the creeping forward symptom....try checking that first, this issue eluded both Mickey and Raceway for the longest time.

Yes, once safe, put rig into neutral at stop lights, things will last longer with the throwout bearing/rod and level. I wish the Russians would copy the Airhead mechanism, I've never had issues with that one on my R80.

You going to get chains or studs for the rig for upcoming Winter driving?


redlegsrides said...

Forgot to mention, the creeping forward symptom usually only manifests with the engine at operating temps....

Unknown said...


Seems like $2 well spent, and so functional too

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Oooh renovations, always so messy. Good thing you have the Ural to do errands on. Just keep thinking of more things you need to go out for.

RichardM said...

I checked for creeping forward several times during the weekend with the engine fully warmed up. It's kinda hard to find neutral with the foot lever but almost trivial with the reverse lever.

I am planning on running studded tires this winter but not quite sure yet which tires to use.I read some positive things about the Heidenau K37 for use in snow and it looks like there would be plenty of rubber to hold studs. But the Duro HF307 are about half the price. Any thoughts?

RichardM said...

I think it'll help though it isn't very flashy.

RichardM said...

I used it for quite a few errands so far and even took a pile of stuff to the recycle pile. Amazing how much stuff it holds especially after the seat is removed.

redlegsrides said...

DURO 307s dont last as long as the Heidenau K37s. I like the K37s.