Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Test Using Windows

I was curious if it was a Windows/Mac thing but probably not. My last post was done on my Mac using Chrome. This post was done on IE8 on Windows XP. The only difference is on the "Insert image" dialouge box I have to select each image to upload seperately. I can't simply ctrl-click to select multiple files. Other than that, the experience is identical. All of the images except the third one of the VW bus are on the local drive and uploaded just by using the "Insert image" dialog box. The VW is hosted on Photobucket and was added using the "From a URL" option. On all of the pictures I can choose the size by just clicking on the picture and choosing from the box hovering over the photo.

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  1. Richard:

    I am feeling worse with your every post. Something is wrong at my end, I can't figure it out. No one else has my problem. I can only post 2 images before nothing works.

    I can always go back to HTML and host via Photobucket but I really wanted to host via Blogger, the same way that most of you do. This would greatly simplify my workflow.

    Did you read my prev comments ? is it a 32bit vs 64bit thing ? I have to check the Javascript when I get home. Also I am going to use Google Chrome and see what happens. I mean, there's nothing else to try, unless I am missing a plug-in of some sort, or a driver needs to be updated but how would I know which one ?

    I can't move forward until this gets figured out

    thanks again for all your help, and time

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