Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For Bobskoot

I'm not sure if this is going to help as I am unable to duplicate the problem. In this post, I added 13 images 11 of them directly from my picture export directory and two from Photobucket. Please excuse the formatting as the X-Large thumbnails don't really fit within the theme I'm using for this blog.

I opened the page for a new post and selected the "Compose" view. Selected the "Insert image" icon and added these seven photos. After the pop-up window disappeared, I was able to click on each image and got the little hover box shown on the left with X-Large as one of the options.

I then added two more photos the same way and they were inserted at the current cursor position. I also made these X-Large. I then moved the cursor to the end of the post... (please page down for the rest of the text)

Icicles on the NARL Bottled Water Plant

Back Door of NARL 2 aka Theater

First of a series from the BARC balloon launch platform

... and added a couple more photos from Photobucket by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail and clicking on the URL next to "Direct link" which copied the URL into the clipboard. I returned to the "Compose" window for this post and clicked the "Insert image" icon again, clicked on "From a URL", inserted the URL in the clipboard from Photobucket and clicked "Add selected". I was then able to click on the photo and select X-Large as with all of the other photos. The cursor does return to the top of the page but the image gets inserted at the original cursor location. The only hassle was the two screen captures at the top and here where I wanted the text next to the images. I needed to select HTML mode and insert a couple of characters where I wanted the text to go and went back to "Compose" view to add the rest of the text.

Dalton Highway

Plastic Flowers in the T-Field


  1. Richard:

    I love these photos. You should post more of them.

    I am frustrated to the point of not wanting to do this anymore. I have tried every thing you have done above, after two photos I do not get the resize option anymore. I have clicked, I have hovered I have gone up and down my whole page trying to find that resize menu, NOTHING, nada, Zip, nil, I am beyond the point of trying it again.

    When ever I see posts of more than two photos I get a sad feeling inside for I know I can't do it. I even right click to check and mostly they are hosted on Blogger. That's what I want to do too but I can't resize. I saw Trobairitz's blog entry this morning and all I do is count photos and she had 3 without any problems at all. I can only post two photos then I am hooped.

    I cannot deal with Picasa. I don't like their convoluted interface. I thought that I could just "insert image" from Blogger but I am limited to two. I don't know where to get that resize option like you seem to get without trying. sorry for repeating myself but something is wrong at my end and I can't figure out how to fix it.

    I thank you for taking the time to test this at your end and I know it works for everyone else in the world, just not for me. I couldn't sleep last night trying to figure this out.

    I looked at ScooterChick's blog just now and she has DOZENS of photos hosted with Blogger, and this just makes me sick as that's what I want to do

    Yesterday I just had to shut down my computer and walk away and I just don't feel like trying to figure this out anymore

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Richard:

    PS: I am going to give this one last chance. I am going to make sure all my browsers are up-to-date. I may be using IE7 or 8 maybe this is the problem. I am running Windows 7 32bit as this this my old laptop. Perhaps this is the problem as most browsers expect 64bit. My new core i7 runs 64 bit but I have only used it for video editing. Perhaps I could try to do a blog post with it.

    I don't know. I have always done HTML and doing it the simple way isn't so simple, for me anyway.

    I was trying to simplify my workflow by going with the flow as I already spend too much time Blogging. I have basically wasted a week trying to figure out a new system and still, I am struggling.

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  3. Richard:

    When I Click "insert image" icon I get a pop up window with BROWSE option

    I click Browse for files on my computer and when selected they load into the pop up screen. then I select a photo and click "ADD" at the bottom

    the image goes where your cursor is on the compose screen but in a small size, and centered. After the first 2 images are inserted, the 3rd image when clicked, only shows those drag bags on the corners and midway on each side there are other drag bars showing. You can move location but when you "click" the image it goes GREY and there is no resize window. It is nowhere to be found. But the Underline Icon and Link Icon also get greyed out. I even tried to right click after the image was highlighted and NO resize menu either

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    PS again: I really appreciate your help on this, but I am ready to give up

    1. On Internet Explorer on Windows XP, I did notice that on the third picture, I would get the resize "bars" instead of the little pop-up like on the first two photos. But after clicking out of the image and back in a couple of times, I no longer see the resize bars and the pop-up is in its place. So maybe it is a Windows/Mac thing...

      Actually it gets weider, every time I click on an image I get different behavior. The first two images always behave the same but with the third and subsequent images I occasionally get the resize bars, the pop-up and once and a while I get both at the same time. I've never seen this inconsistent behavior on my Mac. So the good news is you aren't crazy.