Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot in Hershey

It is hot and humid here, but then again, I hear it's hot everywhere (except Alaska). This morning, we went to Hershey Gardens to try and see them before it got too warm. The gardens were pretty nice but after walking around for just a short time, I was drenched. Did I mention that it's really hot & humid. This shot is from the garden with some sort of theme park and original factory in the distance. At least I don't think that it is still the factory where they make the chocolate bars.

There were a number of these statues scattered around the gardens. The light was very flat due to the haze and the pictures don't do justice to the actual colors. I didn't bring my laptop on this trip so no post processing. I guess I could do some on the phone.

After leaving the gardens, we went to Chocolate World. It's best feature is the air conditioning. Lots of shops and a food court with a couple of attractions. Mostly, it's a way to sell stuff to you. We head for the BMWMOA rally in Bloomsburg in a couple of days tomorrow. (Lost track of the time)


  1. We enjoyed out time in the museum. Didn't make it into the theme park since we don't have lil'uns. :) Yep, humidity sucks.

    Stay cool! Have fun!


  2. Wow, Richard. It is bad enough to be in the hot and humid when one has a chance to acclimate, but you walked right into it. Be careful, the heat and humidity is treacherous. I suspect I'm preaching to the choir, still please be careful.

    I'm looking forward to hearing of your meet-ups at the MOA. Thanks for the heads up about your not bringing the laptop. I won't wonder what is taking you so long to share :)

    Have fun and again, be careful.

  3. Richard:

    hot, sticky and humid are not my friends. Like you we don't have to worry about it on the Wet Coast. Take lots of photos of Jack, Nikos and Steve. I think you get front row seats

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Hi Richard,
    You're sure getting around these days! I don't envy you the hot, steamy weather. Much as I hate to admit it, I'd rather have our cool weather and rain. Have fun at the rally! I hope it's not too terribly hot.

  5. I think I'm going to miss Nikos. I hear he's arriving on Saturday and that's when we're heading for Williamsburg.

    I don't know why they schedule these things when the weather is miserably hot. Bend was hot and tolerable but here it humid as well. I'm glad we're not camping at the site...