Monday, July 11, 2011

ESCC/Internet² Joint Techs

(Some moto content near the end of the post.) I've been pretty busy getting ready for this meeting as it is being held here in Fairbanks this week. The crew from I² and ESCC have been here since Friday and we have been working with them getting the Davis Concert Hall, the Great Hall, Wood Center, the Pub and other locations ready for the meeting. Networking was challenged to get our wireless network set up dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) and needing to support the geeky audience who probably have two or three Internet devices apiece (laptop, smart phone & tablet). Folks started to arrive last week doing the tourist thing. Some ventured up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle and others went down to to Denali National Park. Four of the participants rode their motorcycles up from Michigan and Indiana taking nine days. No issues and beautiful weather.

There were tutorials on topics such as setting up co-lo sites and MPLS over the weekend and the main part of the meeting started today. There were some issues but I think we were able to address them. The one thing that still has people worried is the weather tomorrow evening. We have an outdoor reception scheduled in a large tent near the museum and they are predicting showers. As the host, I have been working on this event for several years plus the four years trying to talk them into the idea. But I will be glad when it is over. It is great to see colleagues again but I am starting to feel exhausted.

Wednesday Morning - The reception on the lawn of the museum went off without much more than a light sprinkle. Many wonderful comments from the participants and the only really negative comments were about the use of student housing. No air conditioning or fans and many of the rooms didn't have any blinds on the windows. (Too much sunlight) And the staff seemed a bit flaky.

The four riders are leaving today for Haines to catch the Alaska State Ferry to Prince Rupert before continuing on to the east coast. They showed some slides of their trip near the end of the meeting but they haven't posted them yet. 250 to 500 miles per day and right around 4100 miles so far. Bikes on their trip, Kawasaki KLR 650, Suzuki V-Strom 1000, Harley (don't know which model) and BMW R1200GS. They sort of alternated between motels and campgrounds on the way up.

Next summer, the meeting is at Stanford. Sounds like a good reason to ride down...


  1. Dear Richard M.:

    You have one of the most eclectic careers that I can imagine — and in Alaska yet. I took a class on how to operate an Apple computer tha lasted 12 minutes. The instructor introduced himself, showed us the poer button, and explained the complexity of "click install."

    I am going to see Alaska one day... And I am going to do it on my bike. But I plan to grab a ferry from the Washington (I think), and boat up drinking in a cabin.

    I am looking forward to meeting you in person this week.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  2. "Eclectic" may not be the most appropriate word but that's another story.

    The ferry will only take you up as far as Haines, AK, which is still about 14 hours and the only gravel roads on the Alaska Hwy away.

    See you next week in Bloomsburg.