Sunday, May 29, 2011

Out Walking

This morning brought moderate temperatures and a slight breeze. After church, I wasn't felling very well (medication related) and experience has shown that exercise usually helps so I headed down the road. After about 5 miles, I was feeling much better. This is the same lake that was still ice covered on Mother's Day. I was originally thinking about going for a ride but thought I really needed some physical activity.

This is Creamers Field, a former dairy farm now turned into a migratory wildfowl refuge. Lots of ponds beyond the fields and during Spring and Fall, there are lots of birds passing through. I ended up walking about eight miles before getting picked up at a bagel shop. The other reason for a walk was to see if I would be able to finish a 10K. I signed up for the Midnight Sun Run which is held near the Summer Solstice with the race starting at 10:30PM at the university. It's been a while since I walked over five miles and just wanted to make sure I would be able to finish.

I hope that everyone is having a good and safe weekend.


  1. is everyone on medication? Brrr.
    riepe scooetr int he sticks, scooter in kansas, wet coast scooting. etc etc

  2. Lovely scenery! I think you may be getting better weather than us now. Looks like a good day for a walk.

    That's one of the few things I dislike about riding motorcycles, I want more activity when riding. We think about adding hikes/walks, but then we don't want to leave the bikes unattended for long.

  3. Conchscooter:
    Yep, it seems that way. In my case, I'm diabetic which really tends to complicate things quite a bit. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    Motorcycling does seem to limit your options for hiking or taking walks. I find myself driving instead of riding when headed for a hike as I'm not sure how to secure your gear at a trailhead. I had the same problem when bicycle touring. I've never had any gear stolen but then again I never left my stuff unattended for very long.

  4. Looks like beautiful weather. I'm jealous.

    Good job on the 8 mile walk. Something we need to be doing more of as the weather dries up a bit hopefully.

  5. Richard,
    Next time you get near Atlanta, I have a great hiking destination for you.

    The heat has broken 90F here, so I am down to the mesh sleeves in my riding jacket.

    Nice to have weather for being out walking and any good walk should end at a bagel shop :)


  6. Trobairitz:
    No more clear skies today. But over the weekend it was pretty nice. I hear that it's supposed to be clear and sunny this weekend in Corvallis.

    I don't know when I'll get to Atlanta again, at least for work. Thank you for the link. I'm always looking for interesting areas to walk/hike. This summer, we are headed to PA for a couple of weeks to visit family as well as the BMW MOA rally. My wife was looking up geocaches in the area.

  7. Great work on the eight miles. You will be good for the 10K. I've started working back into my morning walks. No where near 8 miles, though. :)

    I agree about never leaving the equipment at the trailhead. I've wanted to hike while motorbiking as well. But never have the room in the saddlebags to store my equipment, and refuse to leave it out.