Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today, there was smoke coming into town from all over. There are fires to the SE near Delta, SW near Healy, N near the Chatanika River and NE along Chena Hot Springs Road. I think that we're doomed as far as smoke goes. No matter which way the wind blows, we'll get smoke. According to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center, 53 fires were burning in Alaska. This is looking south towards the Alaska Range and as you can see, visibility is horrible. You can't even see town. I took this shot while on a 10K walk before dinner.

I didn't ride in today since I needed to be at the courthouse by 7:45 and I wasn't sure where to park. The juror parking area is sort of sitting away from the building along the Chena River. You need to have a permit sitting on the dash so you don't get a ticket. Tomorrow, I'll give it a shot...


  1. It is hard to believe the fire dangers in Alaska right now while we have had so much rain here in Oregon.

    I hope the smoke doesn't get too bad for you and you see a day or two of rain to put the fires out.

  2. As an ex-volunteer firefighter, that seriously looks frightening. I hope none of it reaches your home or town.


  3. Fires have been a real problem around here for many summers in a row with over a million of acres burned each summer. Attempts to control the fires only occur when there are structures at risk. If not, the fire service seems to mostly monitor them but really doesn't have the resources available to battle them. Especially if they are really remote.

  4. I share Allen's hope that none of these fires reaches your home or town.

    Have fun doing the juror thing. I work in a courthouse and have never found jury duty fun . . . interesting once, but never fun.

    Thanks for the share,

  5. I'm with Trobairitz on this one...haven't given a thought to summer time fires and all. I hope fire and smoke stay far away from you. Breathing that stuff doesn't make for pleasant walking.

  6. Dear Richard M:

    Are the fires common this time of year? Does the state try to put them out, or is the policy to let them burn out?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  7. There was a big brush pile fire near the track when I taught our last ART course. It's amazing how distracting the smoke and smell can be.

    Hope it all works out well and the fires are contained soon.

  8. Keith:
    I'm not sure I'd call jury duty fun but it is interesting and educational. So far, fewer fires near town.

    Breathing the smoke was pretty miserable especially when out walking. Near the end of last week, the smoke had diminished in town but you could really smell it when going into buildings.

    They pretty much just let the fires burn unless they are headed towards structures of some sort. There is some attempt to manage the fires but up here there is so much area that is pretty remote and so few fire fighters on hand relative to the area burning that only ones that threaten people or property get addressed.

    The smoke is pretty distracting. For me it is burning eyes and the smell. Hopefully, the rain we've been having the last couple of days helps...