Friday, May 27, 2011

Miserably Warm

Wasn't it just a few weeks back that we still had ice on the lakes? For those used to warm weather this isn't anything to write home about but for me, it is HOT! I passed this temperature sign while walking back to my office and even though it was only a short 2½ mile walk, I was roasting and ready to collapse by the time I arrived. Later in the afternoon, I took the bike out to run a couple of errands and as long as you were moving it wasn't too bad. When stopped for signals, you can really feel the heat coming off of the cylinders. Still no issues with the front master cylinder. The parts still haven't arrived anyway. I've managed to put in more than a few miles so far this month.

I hope that we get some rain soon as the fire danger is really high. According to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center, the amount of dry fuel is at an all time high though the number of fires and acreage burned is less this year than last. Mostly due to more snow and wetter ground at depth.


  1. Richard,

    82 is a bit warm but wait till things get near blood temperature, then you have to start soaking things ir order to ride in what feels like riding in an oven.

    Luckily its only like 2-3 weeks in August that it gets like that here and one can get temp relief by riding into the mountains.

    How hot does it get there in the summer?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. It's interesting how the experience of temperature changes. 82F was very hot when I lived in Michigan. When its 82F here in St. Louis, Missouri I don't experience it as very hot -- 105F is very hot. And, living here has taught me about the effect humidity has on temperature. When it gets really hot and humid here there's no soaking things to stay cool. Yes, Richard, I can believe that 82F is very hot for you.

    Glad you're getting in some riding and that all is holding together. May you get the parts while all is still well.


  3. Dom:
    It'll get well up into the 90s for short periods in June and July. That's here in the interior. Coastal areas are generally much cooler. By August it is already starting to cool down as we head into Fall.

    I used to live in Southern Calif. and 82°F felt pretty moderate with hot being in the 100s. Today it got up into the high 80s.

  4. Yeah, We've had a steady string of 90s in Atlanta. It definately has a profound affect on my commute. I have zipped out all the liners in my Joe Rocket Jacket and opened all the zipper vents. The only thing I haven't done yet, it zip off the shell on the sleeves to expose the mesh sleeves. I feel like that is coming shortly. The last few days you can feel the heat coming up from the asphalt through the soles of your boots when you are sitting at a red light.

    But, at least its not cold :)

    Enjoy your riding!


  5. Dear Richard:

    I guess the mid-eighties would be kind of high for Alaska this early in the year. Now I have no idea what sort of terrain you have to walk through, but aren't you troubled by mosquitoes or other biting bugs in these temperatures? And can I ask if you carry something like a .357 or a .45 magnum on your belt to discourage pursuit by bears?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  6. Allen:
    This is the first year that I have some mesh gear. It really makes a difference.

    Yes, when walking through the woods the mosquitoes are kind of a pain but not as bad as in other areas. I don't generally carry a firearm while out walking for a number of reasons. The exception may be when I go berry picking off of the haul road. Campus police recently sent out a warning that a medium sized brown bear was sighted on the trails behind campus. It was probably a yearling rather than a mother with cubs so not as dangerous.

  7. So a nice even walk can easily turn into an intense cardio workout as you avoid bears? hhmmm... ;(

    Yes, I believe 82F is hot. It quickly ran through that here and turned up higher and now I would wish for 82!!