Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2010 Nike+ Stats

I just looked at my Nike+ walking stats for last year and it really shows a sad, downhill trend. After being laid up last May from my surgery, it has been very difficult for me to get going again. Pretty sad, only ¼ of the miles in 2010. Actually, it wasn't as bad as these stats make it appear since last summer, my old iPod Nano died and that was what I was using for Nike+. The iPhone also works with the sensor but it seemed to draw a lot of power since the app had to be running in the foreground. Nike has since released another app that doesn't need the sensor but it uses the gps and still needs to be running in the foreground with the display on. It'll drain the iPhone battery in only a couple of hours. Seems to be a step backward. Last December while I was in San Francisco, I picked up one of the new iPod Nanos (6th generation) as it has the Nike+ app on it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the radio receiver for the sensor built in as the iPhone does and if you use the built in pedometer, it uploads to a different area on the Nike+ site. I haven't tried it with the external radio receiver yet but I suspect that the battery life will be dismal since it is only about half the size of the old Nano.


  1. My new iPod Touch has the Nike+ on it but I haven't used it. I do an elliptical most mornings but it has all the info on its screen. I like how you have your stats posted on the blog.

    Years ago when I use to run I kept a runners diary. It's fun to look back in those.

  2. New things to learn about... Sorry you new iPod Nano isn't working out optimally. Can you possibly purchase an older one to go back to the technology that worked the way that was best for you?

    My stupid pedometers never did work reliably.


  3. Mike:
    In the past, the Nike+ website has provided me the motivation I needed to get me out exercising. You can compete with others on the site. Up until things stopped working, I was usually in 20 to 30 virtual competitions.

    When the new Nano models came out, I thought about looking for the previous generation model at a discount. But, I liked the size of the new model. Plus at the time, I was using the iPhone app. The iPod Nano pedometer actually works pretty good.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. Stacey gave me a Nike+ Sportband as a gift. It works pretty well.

  5. Stacy:
    I must admit that I picked up one of those about a year ago. It does work great but I had the battery didn't seem to last long enough. Maybe 12+ hours is an unreasonable expectation. I've taken some really long walks, 38 miles is my longest walk to date and I was really annoyed that the Nike+ died at about 29...