Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Couple More Snow Pictures

If the sight of snow drives you crazy, please ignore this post. Up here, there will be snow for several more months.

I've been spending the week in Barrow getting the last pieces of the audio/video infrastructure installed (finally). Over the last eight months, some of the cables were getting pretty worn since they were running along the edge of the room even though they were enclosed in a split loom. I moved all of the cables above the ceiling, added another audio splitter to allow the use of a VoIP soft-phone instead of the conference phone. I also added a third Sony remote pan-tilt-zoom camera in the room to allow even more flexibility. I also needed to rebuild a Drobo as I couldn't access it remotely. Some things just need to be done "hands on". I have been using one in my office for years and it has worked flawlessly. I'm not sure of the origin of the problem with this one as it wasn't hardware. I'm thinking that it may be the number of files as I have been using it for raw and processed netflow data which are about 10 files for every 5 minutes. And I had years of data archived. I didn't loose any data since I have been automatically making a copy in my office. This is another attempt at using the hdr feature in my iPhone and I think that I like the way it came out. The effect is pretty subtle compared to another app that really exaggerates the color.

When I flew in on Monday evening, there was a huge open lead in the ice i.e. open water. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the plane to get a good photo. But since the plane was almost on final they wouldn't allow photos anyway. The wind must have changed over night as the lead had closed. The person who picked me up at the airport mentioned that it looked like a "water sky" over the ocean which indicated open water. Due to the cold temperatures (-21°F and windy) there was a dense fog over the lead and I think that this is what she may have been referring to. This photo shows some of the ice ridges that form due to ice sheets crashing into each other. I really like the way the skies have looked over the last couple of days.

I keep forgetting to call the Beemershop. Once I get busy I seem to forget things like that....


  1. Richard,
    Once again some awesome photos. I think you will love the VOIP softphone. I used one a great deal at my las job. It was extremely convenient.

    Stay Warm


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  3. I like the snow pictures. It is great fun to see the whale bone arch from the header with more snow.

  4. That last photo could be the surface of another planet somewhere (that has water). Very nice and unique shot. Your photos always put my sense of being cold in perspective.

    Stay warm... and safe!

  5. Thank you for the compliments on the pictures and thank you for visitin and commenting. It has been cold, clear and very bright. The sun is almost blinding. Or maybe I've been spending way too much time inside playing with technology ...