Monday, February 28, 2011

The Days Are Getting Longer

To all those with a light dusting of snow or a bit of winter weather, not a lot of sympathy from anyone around here. Actually, this is pretty typical weather for this time of year. It gets cold at night when the night sky is clear then, as you can see, it warms up significantly during the day. The days are getting longer at the rate of approximately 6 minutes per day. Sun up to sun down is already up to about 10 hours and it is almost sunny by 8 am. Daylight hours are actually in excess of 12 hours per day counting dawn and dusk. You can actually start to feel some warmth from the sun. Most of our snow will be gone in another month or so and by mid April, the roads should actually be clear enough to ride. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to spring X-country skiing and some long walks as the days get longer. For some reason this winter, I haven't really felt like walking much. Last year, I was averaging almost 50 miles per week. This winter, under 20. Maybe I'll try and improve my average this week.

Just to get a little moto content in, I still haven't heard back from the Beemershop. The last I heard, they were getting ready to start work on my heads and get some needed machine work done. Maybe I just need to call them periodically. Once it gets a little warmer outside, I'll start working on the other items on my list. Lately, the garage has been a bit too cold and wet.


  1. Hooray for longer daylight hours.

    Hope your bike it up and running by the time your snow melts.

  2. RichardM:

    can't wait until you get your bike mobile again and take a road trip to the Okanagan (Kelowna etc). There's nothing like a road trip to work your engine in

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Out of the kindest of my heart, I will not share the temps in Atlanta or anything about whether or not I have been riding.

    I'll just simply say that I really hope they get your heads to you before the roads thaw.


  4. I, too, how your heads get to you long before the roads are ride ready.

  5. Cross-country skiing...nice!!

    It sounds like your days are looking up and the weather might be doing better soon! Yay!


  6. Yes, you're post do put some perspective on our weather down this a way. I still plan to grumble and complain though. :)

    My best wish for you is that your bike will be ready and eager to run when your roads finally clear!

  7. All this physical activity is very humbling Richard. you realise that you're setting a very bad example for indolent people like me?

  8. Thank you all for commenting. I'm hoping that I get my heads back in the next month or so. I just heard back from the shop via email and it sounded a little defensive. Something like "I'm going as fast as I can".

    Doing better this week with the walking. Just passed 20 miles for the week this afternoon. Temperatures are going above 0°F in the middle of the day.


  9. Great news on your heads and your exercise program! X-country skiing sounds nice - haven't done that in a long time. I hope your temperature rises soon so you can work on the bike!