Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red in the Morning...

This morning, there was a pretty nice sunrise. This is welcome compared to the blizzard we've had here in Barrow for the last couple of days. -15°F and 35 knot wind plus snow makes it feel like winter. This shot was taken around 10am. For the last several days, the wind has been blowing from the north. This morning was calm and now the wind is blowing from the south. All the snow drifts across the roads were cleaned up this morning and now they are reforming...


  1. WOW!! Stunning cloud coverage. Love the textures and colors. I'm sending warm and happy thoughts your way that winter will loosen it's grip soon!


  2. Beautiful sunrise Richard. Can't say I like your temperatures though.

    Are you keeping warm with hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Wood stove perhaps, maybe a hot toddy?

  3. BeemerGirl:
    Up here in Barrow, the temperature isn't too cold and if you look way to the north over the sea ice, you can see a fog bank which suggests open water out there. Back home I hear that it's around forty below.

    Up here in Barrow there are no trees so not too many wood stoves. And no hot toddy as it is a damp town. Plenty of hot coffee and tea though.

    Thank you for commenting.

  4. Another gorgeous sunrise, but that is just too freaking cold for man or beast.

    Do you know the Twetos? We've been keeping up with Air Alaska on Discovery Channel. Getting a glimpse into your beatiful territory.


  5. This is beautiful, but hey that looks cold. How do you manage to survive (mentally)? I would be mad with cabin fever if I were you.

  6. Wow, That's beautiful. I love the colors! Try to stay warm!! :)

  7. Allen Madding:
    Been to ERA many times in Barrow and Nome but never met anyone from the TV show. Actually, that show is one of the few "Alaska reality" shows that I enjoy watching.

    I think the weather here must really be sucking tourist dollars from Key West. Actually, winter normally sees a real increase in tourists from Japan. Something to do with the aurora and Alaska being some sort of adventure destination.

  8. SonjaM:
    Actually, I rarely feel very cooped up in the winter. It's easy enough to go out and do some sort of outdoor activity from simply walking or x-country skiing. You really do get used to the temperatures especially since the humidity is so low.

    Thank you for stopping by. It has warmed up considerably over the last couple of days. Today was only -10°F. Way warmer than -40°F.