Friday, November 5, 2010

On My Way to Florida

No pictures yet and I'm finally getting around to posting a bit more on the I2 Fall Member Meeting. It was a very good conference not only from all of the presentations but also the one on one discussions. After 10 years of participating, you get to know quite a few people. The working group meeting was very lightly attended but I believe we have some new direction. I need to formulate a statement and get it posted to the list to see what others think. Many presentations on topics ranging from IPv6 and security to the Intermedia festival of telematic art at Indiana University. Very interesting presentation covering many of their technical and logistical challenges.

Right now, I'm in Alma, GA, on my way to Titusville, FL. I'll post more on why I'm headed down there in a couple of days but there is also a good chance that I might be able to see a shuttle launch as it is currently scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I'm told that you could see and hear the launch from over 100 miles away. Earlier in the week, I got to meet fellow moto-blogger and BMW rider Lori. Her regular riding group is heading down for the launch early tomorrow morning so I may get to meet some of them as well. Getting out of Atlanta was almost as bad a going through Seattle and even after you get out, everyone wants to drive really fast and they seem to like to tailgate even when given the opportunity to pass. What's that all about. The smaller roads are much more pleasant except for the animals that like to run out into the road (both domestic and wild).

Next post on Saturday evening....

Friday afternoon - STS-133 (the last flight of Discovery) was scrubbed this morning and the next launch window is November 30th. I did spend the afternoon at the Kennedy Space Center visitors center. It was pretty crowded as there were crowds here for the launch. Since the launch was scrubbed, they still stuck around the visitors center. There is a pretty decent IMAX 3d movie of the ISS and lots of old rockets. But this isn't why I came down here...

This isn't the reason either but it was parked in the hotel parking lot, it looked immaculate!


  1. Please say hi to Lori from me. Safe travels, and enjoy the warm temperatures.

  2. RichardM:

    you are so lucky to be somewhere warmER. Did Lori let you try her 1200R ? You could probably have rented a bike down there and gone with their group

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. I looked into bike rentals but the cost for one day was more than the cage was for 5 days.

    I'm now in Titusville and the launch was scrubbed with the earliest possible date now being 11/30/2010. There are an incredible number of people down here who just came for the launch and have been waiting all week....


  4. That would be cool to see the Space Center. I've been close but not stopped there. A few years ago I drove through Georgia. I liked the scenery and the roads. Big temperature change for you!

  5. Charlie6:
    The bike was a HD but I have no idea the sidecar was. The fit and finish on the rig was flawless.

    Yes, it is quite a bit warmer than home though it was in the low 40s this morning. I've been to KSC several times in the past including several times for work. I still love just about anything associated with the space program. Kind of sad to see that these are some of the final missions of the shuttle especially since I was peripherally involved with one of the very early missions. (STS-2)

  6. Good that you at least were able to hang out. Given your work history and access to some of the backrooms is it still exciting to see the "public" areas?

    Again, sorry for the late call. Wound up riding 510 miles that day and was completely exhausted. Just arrived home today after 1200 miles. I see that you are wandering around Savannah? If you like pizza, check out Vinnie Van GoGo's. Or the Thai place on Broughton.


    Hi Sonja!! :)

    No, Bob, unfortunately he didn't even get to see the bike. I picked him up in the truck and took him out to an Irish Pub way outside of town. Minor kidnapping. :)

    Hijack finished! Thank you Richard!

  7. Yes, I still enjoy seeing the public areas. The IMAX movie was pretty good though I thought it would have been better without the 3D. Seems to be a gimmick and really didn't add anything.

    1200 miles! Time to sign up for one of those IBR rides.

    Savannah was too crowded. I couldn't even find a place to park in the historic district so no photos. I did find a nice diner that had some pretty good regional dishes. I think that I have become a real fan of collard greens. A little salty but delicious.

  8. Have a good journey home! Can tell your wife that at least the temps the last couple of days weren't warm by any means!!