Monday, November 22, 2010

Full Moon

This weekend, we drove down to Anchorage for the All-State music concerts. On the way back, the full moon put on a nice display against the mountains. I was planning on taking a picture of Denali just north of Talkeetna but there were no turnouts at the same time as a good view. This picture was taken about ten miles south of Cantwell in a wide open, usually very windy area south of Denali National Park. Again, the only camera I had was my phone. I am playing with a new photo sharing app/service called Instagram and this was one of the canned effects.

Today, we woke up to warm temperatures and rain. The weather guessers are projecting up to an inch of rain before Thanksgiving. Rain on top of very cold surfaces means very icy conditions with both school and city busses shutting down by 10:00 am. Only about ten percent of the staff made it in and the university decided to shut down at noon. Schools are shut down tomorrow as well. Someone mentioned that we are so wimpy here in the interior that schools are shut down because a little bit of rain.

Maybe I'll be able to work on the bike this weekend. I still need to pull the heads to get a good look at the exhaust valves. And the fork boots need replacing.


  1. The full moon looks a little eery to me... but I have a lot of phantasy.

    Wait warm weather and rain? That is our weather! Give it back... ;-)

  2. Great shot of the moon. I do like the app effect. The graininess/noise, moon, mountains and plowed snow are surreal.

    I had to take a double take on the weather: rain and warm too. Do you think it is wimpy to close school for it? Maybe have everyone invest in some Microspikes or Yaktrax. :)

    Hope you make a dent on the bike. A repairable dent... :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Great image. Has a painterly quality to it. I heard somewhere today that it's colder here in Oregon than it is in Barrow Alaska. That's just wrong!

  4. RichardM:

    It's also colder here than in Toronto. somehow the weather got switched.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  5. Just blame the weird weather on global warming.

    The fulll moon was pretty erie that night even without the processing. BTW, the effect was called Gotham so I think it was supposed to be Batman like.

    I hear that temperatures in the interior should be well into the negative teens (F) by the weekend which means that the warm front would have moved on to the east. Hopefully, that will return things to normal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Ice! Snow is one thing, but ice is something else entirely. My Dad asked me when I was learning to drive in Michigan, "How do you drive on ice?" and before I could answer, he said, "You don't." But, or course we do. There is way too much luck involved in arriving safely for my comfort.


  7. That shot doesn't look like Alaska it looks like the North Pole! It all looks cold to me. It's a nice shot with a camera phone. I like the effect on the moon. It's amazing what camera phones and apps do these days.

  8. Richard, I love the Global Warming link!! Too hilarious.