Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting All Over Again

I never did receive my order from Beemerworks so rather than wait, I buttoned up the bike last night and took it for a short ride. It was wonderful to get out but kind of a bummer knowing that I will need to pull parts off again whenever (or if) my order does show up. I had the wrong zip code entered into the online order form and it was for a small village in western Alaska. So even though the city was correct, the zip code probably took priority in the shipping process. Hopefully, I'll eventually receive my parts. I did stop by the local Napa and get some of the high temperature anti-seize so I could re-install the aluminum exhaust nuts and the rest of the exhaust system. I did notice that one of my fuel lines had a small leak after putting the tank back on. No drips on the engine but if you put your hand on the line, you could feel some fuel on your fingers. I didn't end up with any hardware leftover when I was done so that was a good sign. The zerk fitting on the side stand pivot wouldn't take any grease but since I had the exhaust system off, I went ahead and just took the assembly apart and greased the bushing directly.

No problem starting up, cranked a couple of revolutions then took right off. I just rode up the length of Farmers Loop Road a couple of times about twenty miles total to get a feeling for the bike again and I think that I need to visit a parking lot to practice some low speed figure eights. Kind of shaky at low speeds. I really envy those that are able to ride year around. Each Spring almost feels like I'm starting all over again.


  1. Richard:

    glad you were finally able to go for a ride, even a short ride. Hope your parts arrive soon.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. It was nice to get out even if it was a short ride.

    Thank you for visiting...