Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice Day for a Walk

I won't be able to get out and exercise for a couple of days so I took advantage of the Spring weather to get some miles in. I walked a total of 12.5 miles by going between upper and lower campus a couple of times and walking on the treadmill at the Alaska Club. No running or jogging but absolutely no soreness in my knee. I kind of wanted to get in a bunch of miles early in the week then take it easy for a couple of days since I foolishly signed up for the Beat Beethoven 5K this Saturday. I say foolishly since there is absolutely no way I can finish in under 30 minutes which is the cut-off time to get a free concert ticket. I'm sure that I'll have a good time walking and maybe I will even try to beat my earlier time from a couple of years ago though that may take a little bit of running. After I got back to my office and updated the Nike+ site, I realized that I only had a little bit to go to get to a half marathon.

I picked up my number and t-shirt for the 5K this weekend. At least I'll be in town this year. Last year, I registered then ended up going up to Barrow. Better planning this year.

Tuesday morning - It's a good thing I got out yesterday as the weather guessers are predicting snow flurries for later today. I guess this still may qualify as Spring weather but it does put a damper on everyones mood. I think most are looking forward to the snow going away and are a bit disappointed when it returns.

This morning, I had my final check-in with the WIN for Alaska health consultant. They measured all the normal non-invasive things such as BP and cholesteral and I met my short term goal, which was lowering my BMI to the next category. Unfortunately, I'm not "normal" yet but that is the long term goal.


  1. I did a 5K run, once. Out of 146 entrants I finished 132nd. At least I finished! Found out I'm much better at riding a motorcycle than running.

    Waiting at the end of the run was a brunch featuring gooey cinnamon rolls. Go figure.

    Humor in weird places. The announcer at the park said it was time for the children's run. Kids headed off for the start line with their mothers yelling after them,

    "Don't run!"

    Glad the knee is doing better.

  2. Richard:

    Running or walking is too strenuous for me. For many years I used to cycle (pedal) until I had a tumble. I used to cycle daily and even took time off work to cycle all day, then I overdid it and wrecked my knee. I still have my brand new bike just sitting there.

    I find that even walking is getting more difficult, and even the thought of walking tires me out

    glad to see you are improving your endurance and getting healthier

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin