Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm in Washington DC for the Internet² Spring Member Meeting and there is a "gap" in the program. There are only a couple of open sessions right now and they are both packed, i.e. standing room only. Originally, I had a Multicast Working Group meeting scheduled for later this afternoon but after getting no response to my request for agenda items, I cancelled the meeting. As it turns out, all of the other meetings in the same time slot are all "member only" meetings, there probably would have been a good turnout. Oh well. "#I2SMM10" is the Twitter hash tag for the meeting and it is turning out to be a nice way to see what is going on in some of the other sessions.

First session attended was the MACE Working Group and there was an announcement of a new project called Moonshot. Essentially non-web authentication and authorization. It looks too complicated with a lot of components needed but it is something that is really needed, especially within the R&E environment.

The weather outside is overcast and damp so there isn't a lot of incentive to be out and about. Last night, I had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant just down the road. I should have taken a picture since it was served in a very large platter with a bowl of very soft, flat bread. No silverware. Here is a picture from their website...


irondad said...

I've worked with MACE before but it was probably a different kind!

Going back a few posts: I just read an article in Smithsonian Magazine about Barrows. There was an aerial view of a small, triangular shaped town. Never knew how isolated and barren it was there.

Gives me a whole new perspective on your posts!

RichardM said...

MACE is an acronym for Middelware Architecture Committee for Education and you're right, it's probably a little different.

For a village, Barrow is pretty big at over 3000 people and serves as a commercial hub for a pretty large area but as you will notice, kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Unknown said...


you sure get to travel a lot. You seem so isolated, but here I am in a large urban sprawl and you are flying all over the country.

At least you are eating well

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