Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Manzanar Reunion

On Tuesday, we travelled through Death Valley to Las Vegas. I hadn't travelled on this particular route before and we went over three passes. The roads were pretty steep, narrow and wound all over the place. It would have been a great motorcycle ride. We came here so that my mom could attend a reunion (64th) of her high school class. The number of people coming kept getting smaller so they started combining it with other classes. Now it includes anyone who attended school in Manzanar. So it is now called the Manzanar School Reunion. There are a number of other Sansei's here like myself as well as some yonsei's. The park service gave an update and the founder of the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles gave a talk. Pretty interesting history. I ended up getting an educators resource kit which has a number of DVD's as well as copies of their newspaper, and the poster used to advertise the evacuation. I still think that there is little mention of the internment in history books.

We didn't stop in Death Valley at all so no pictures. It was as pretty as I remember it and there were quite a few tourists stopped in the middle of the road taking pictures. No wildlife so I'm not sure what they were staring at.

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