Saturday, October 11, 2008

On the Road Again

Yesterday, I flew down to Oregon to accompany my parents to a Manzanar Internment camp reunion in Las Vegas. We are planning on stopping at the Manzanar National Historic Site located 9 miles north of Lone Pine on highway 395. Hopefully, there won't be any snow. Last year, there was a high school reunion, also in Las Vegas, and the National Park Service had a great presentation. I can't wait to see their visitors center.

Saturday evening - Corning, CA, nice drive with wonderful weather. We went a bit over 400 miles today. Just before stopping, we went past a semi along the side of the road with burning rear tires. Lots of black smoke and it was starting the grass and brush along the road burning as well.

Sunday evening - Bakersfield, CA, another beautiful weather day. At our hotel, there were a couple of these old trucks around. Probably on their way home from a show somewhere. Both were done as hot rods rather than restorations.

Drivers around here seem to go incredibly fast. I think they don't care what speed limits are nor care what gas costs. Also, I think turn signals are considered a courtesy and why would anyone go out of their way to be courteous. Trucks, on the other hand, seem to be obeying the speed limit which is a nice change from our trip this past summer. I saw lots of motorcycles with most of the cruisers and touring bikes riding intelligently. On the other hand, all (not some but ALL) of the sports bikes I saw were running well over the limit and weaving back and forth through traffic. Including vehicles that were already well in excess of the speed limit. Crazy...

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