Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interesting Scooter

I noticed these at a used car dealer next door to the motel in Fresno. Basically a trike (two rear wheels and one front), 149 cc, 8.8 HP, and manufactured in China. They are still trying to figure out how to register them in California. No emissions certificate. They didn't have any other information and they have only been on the lot for two weeks. They can't sell them until they get the registration issues straightened out. Apparently, a dealer in Florida had managed to register them there. Anyway, very warm here with daytime temps approaching 90°F. We drove from Las Vegas to Fresno through Barstow and Bakersfield. Someone almost ran into us as they were passing a truck, double yellow line, and a whole long line of approaching traffic. They were driving down the center of the road pushing all traffic onto the shoulders. People around here seem to drive incredibly fast. I guess now that gas prices have gone down, people don't really care about conserving anymore. There was even several Toyota hybrids that blew by me. I didn't know a Prius would go that fast...

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