Friday, November 2, 2007

New challenges

A little while ago, I picked up a Nike+ gadget that fits onto your shoe and iPod. This is after meeting someone with the gadget on one of the WIN walks this summer. It doesn't really replace a pedometer but can be used for running or walking "sessions" as in "going for a walk". After calibrating it with a gps, it seems fairly accurate. Even when using it on a treadmill, it is within 5% of the indicated distance. With this gadget, you can participate in challenges on the Nike+ site. Currently, I entered a couple of beginner ones, some walking ones and a 1000 miles in 2008. I was even booted off one challenge since I was racking up too many miles compared to the rest of the field. These challenges are providing me with an incentive to keep walking/running now that the University program has ended. Now, I am running about 18 miles per week in 3-4 mile chunks. This is all on the treadmill since I have a difficult enough time just walking on the icy roads. The real challenge will be to keep it up through the winter and while traveling. Last week, while in Barrow, I didn't get any running in since the treadmill was broken and the 20 mph wind discouraged walking around. Next week, I'll be in Atlanta teaching a workshop at Georgia Tech. It should be nice enough that I should try running outside. That'll be a change.

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