Monday, November 12, 2007

Slacking off

I haven't successfully made a blog entry in quite a while. I had composed some on my phone while sitting in airports but usually some glitch causes it not to get posted. I usually don't feel like rewriting the whole thing again so I usually look for something else to do such as walking (big surprise here). On Friday, I was waiting in the Seattle airport for quite a while and walked four laps of the A, B, C & D terminals for around 8 1/2 miles. There really wasn't much else to do. I've taken to running on the treadmill for about an hour every other day so I'm still getting plenty of steps in. I've been logging the runs using the Nike+ gadget and it seems to satisfy my competitive nature. On the treadmill, I finally broke the 10 minute mile (for only one mile) and can now jog/run for about an hour at a time without feeling like I'm dying. While I was in Atlanta, I tried running outside and, while pleasant, the treadmill was still a more consistent workout, at least it is for me at this point in my life.

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