Friday, April 30, 2021

Day 46, 47 - Acton, CA - TT

Thursday (46)
 - A much shorter driving day than yesterday. Only 150 miles. We went on the north side of the San Gabriel Mtns. through Victorville and Palmdale into a TT park in Acton, CA. The reviews said that it was a horrible TT park. I disagree. It’s not that bad. The sites are a bit tighter than some but the Las Vegas one is much more cramped. The WiFi is $15/week but there is barely any Verizon signal so there isn’t a lot of choice. I haven’t checked out the pool yet. It was 90°F this afternoon so I simply stayed inside the RV. 

Friday (47)
 - We got the third solar panel installed today. I still need to Dicor the screw heads as I used four screws in addition to the Sikaflex. Call me paranoid. After wiring things up, I checked the voltage from the panels at the switch and got 67VDC which is about what I was expecting. I switched the panels on and checked things out on the charge controller through the Raspberry Pi. Since the battery is already fully charged from earlier in the morning, the charge controller was already in absorption mode. Now, it's in float. For some reason, I can't connect to the charge controller over BT. 

I tugged on the other panels and they are still very solidly stuck to the roof. So this upgrade project is almost done. :-)

I did the morning test session while sitting outside but by 11am, it was 86°F already. Needless to say, I'm doing the afternoon session inside the RV. It's now 88°F. I think I may need to visit the pool this afternoon...


  1. The solar install looks really great! Looking forward to following your experience with it!

    1. It’s a minimal installation designed to keep the battery topped up with a few things running. Around 120 watts continuously. We get to try it out more now as the power is out in the RV park.