Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Day 30, 31 - Tucson and Benson, AZ

Tuesday (30)
 - Today is our last full day here at the KOA in Tucson. It was fine though I’ll welcome the slightly cooler temperatures in Benson. We still have almost two weeks until our next vaccine appointment but I think there are a few activities planned for our time in Benson. It has been great to visit with Garrett and Carolyn from Diary of a Family who are only a couple of spaces down. We also met Kristen and her kids from No Ordinary Life, another YouTube RV channel. Multiple pools and hot tubs are nice if they aren’t crowded. Even on this 86°F afternoon, there is only one person in the pool. Several sitting around the pool but not in the water.

No test candidates for the afternoon session. Tomorrow is a short travel day. 

Wednesday (31)
 - We are back in Benson at the same Encore park. We’ve been here often enough such that it almost feels like we are returning home. This time, we are in a back-in site with a nice view out of the windshield since we are at a slightly higher elevation. After setting up, my first stop was the pool to cool off a bit. It is 10°F cooler here than it was in Tucson. Very nice. 

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