Monday, October 16, 2017

San Francisco - Day 2

At most of the Internet2 meetings, there is usually some sort of performance component. Partly to highlight one of the traditional features of a high performance network. Specifically, no traffic delays. In this case, they were demonstrating a masters class from the SFJAZZ with the instructors and students in three locations.

In this case, the three locations were pretty close together geographically though the music was less tolerant to delays compared to other demonstrations. The two instructors were on the stage in San Francisco, the student was at Stanford, and his musical accompaniment was down the road in San Francisco at the SFJAZZ theatre. They were using LOLA a low-latency audio/video encoder which has a latency of about 5 ms. To this you would add in the round trip time over the network. For modest distances, this would be tolerable for the individual performers to hear each other. In the past, music was selected that would tolerate modest delays such as modern classical.

After the performance, there was a reception then I walked back to my hotel. On the way, I stopped at the newish Apple Store Union Square. I was a bit underwhelmed as it seems to be less than I expected. Two floors of high tables with their products available to play with. Plus there were quite a few places for potential customers to just use the wi-fi. Maybe while they wait for appointments.


  1. Linking music in three locations, it boggles the average mind.

    1. Years ago, we did a demo with a barbershop quartet. Members were in Fairbanks, Syracuse, Texas A&M, and one more location. It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember…

      We did a music/dance performance in Fairbanks with the University of Southern California, University of Southern Florida and Fairbanks. It’s kind of entertaining to get some of these things to work (well),