Sunday, October 8, 2017

Amateur Radio

In 2007, the morse code exam requirements were removed from the amateur radio tests. I had considered taking the tests a few years back when one of my son's Boy Scout friends mentioned that morse code was no longer required. Last week, I discovered that the exams are administered on the first Saturday of the month in Fairbanks and the tests are free. The test admins are members of the local amateur radio club and volunteer their time. It was a pretty straight forward test with only 35 questions. This was the entry level Technician class test. I'm planning to take the General class license test in December.

Bridget asked if this was the next hobby (such as the motorcycle, followed by the sidecar, the Ural, and the RV). But I don't think so. It is just something that I always wanted to do but never had the time. They mentioned that I should be in the database within a week or so...


  1. Cool. Entry level or not it is still an accomplishment towards your goal.

    1. It’s something. Not at all sure what to do with the license.

  2. Congratulations Richard! A very nice accomplishment indeed.

  3. So, adding a Ham Radio set to the rig to call for help when it's broken down? ;) Given the sparse cellphone coverage in AK....