Wednesday, August 23, 2017


This afternoon (Wednesday) was spent in meetings examining the installed IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and upcoming changes. At some point, the goal is to turn over management of the network to UIC. The target is when high speed terrestrial broadband is available through one of the local telecoms. The publicized date is first quarter of next year but next summer would be more reasonable and first quarter of the following year may be more realistic.

This evening, I took several of the visitors attending the meeting around town to see the sights including the iconic whale bone arch near the Top of the World hotel. Also on the tour was the local grocery store to see the phenomenal prices that people pay to live and work in this area. We also headed out towards the point to see the baleen palm trees. They are getting to be in pretty sad shape.


  1. Cool, but strange to think the grocery store is a tourist stop. But then it is probably hard for us to imagine paying those prices.

    1. The prices at the grocery store was eye opening for the information security group up here for the review. There is generally at least one person who hasn't been here before. Some examples, $10 for a bag of chips and $46 for a bag of charcoal.