Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 90 - Whitehorse, YT

Today was a lazy day in Whitehorse, YT. We switched sites at the RV park as the one that was reserved for today had full hookups. After lunch, we headed for the Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum on the north end of town. It was a pretty small museum but the modest entrance fee included a ride around their grounds on a small train. By "small", we mean that the engine is one that is normally used inside of a mine.

This was a display of lanterns. Lots of equipment and pictures on display showing the mine in operation.
After the railway museum, we headed into Whitehorse to wander around town and look in the trinket shops. There were a lot of tourists wandering around town, almost too many. It gave the town a weird vibe. And something I haven't seen for a while, panhandlers.

We wandered down to the wharf to look at the Yukon River. It was moving pretty fast and I was amazed that all of this water was running through Miles Canyon.
The wharf area was also the end of the line for the Whitepass Railroad, which is a narrow gauge line that is mostly run as a tourist attraction.

The last photo is our campsite for the second night here in Whitehorse. For future reference, having the door neared the middle of the rig would be nicer...


  1. Wonder where the panhandlers go when winter arrives? Hitch a ride down to AZ?

    1. I hear that it's really hard to hitchhike on the Alaska Hwy. people are afraid that they would be stuck with anyone they pick up for the whole way.

  2. Wow, you are getting closer to home! I must admit I had to go to Google maps to see where Whitehorse was. Strange that there were so many tourists. Your comment about the door was interesting. Our coach door is in the front and I think more toward the center would be nice too.