Tuesday, February 28, 2017

BBBC 2017 #28

This post is part of ToadMama's Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) 2017 which is an attempt to make February go by a little more quickly. There are 28 topics, one for each day. 

The Febryary (February?) image on your wall calendar

I think that this is the only actual calendar in the house. It is in the kitchen/dining room and features bird photos taken by Bridget's cousin. Beautiful photos. The only calendar I've been using for the last couple of decades has been on a computer. Better when it "synced" to the phone and even better in the cloud. (Google knows all…)

The last post of the Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge 2017 aka BBBC. Thank you Kathy for the blog motivation. I think...

Now back to the irregularly scheduled content...

And hopefully the last major snowfall of this winter was yesterday. A tried to help a friend get out of her driveway as it hadn't been plowed. Even with chains of the front wheels it was all I could do not to get buried up to the axles. I'm told that we received over 18" of very wet snow over the last week. Too much...


  1. I agree on the synced calendar, which is the only one I really use, but ironically we had three wall calendars to choose from for an image. Of course I chose the RV one. :-)

    I look forward to keeping up with your regularly scheduled content!

    1. The synced calendar was a big deal when it first came out. I think it was on my Palm Pilot to a MeetingMaker calendar server. I did pick up an old school (paper) RV trip planner targeted at RVers. Maybe I'll do a post on the planner as it looks pretty good. It just resurfaced after I cleaned up my pile of reading material.

  2. LOL! I wondered if anyone would mention the typo in the month name. 🐸

    That really is a pretty bird pic. You're right, 18" of wet snow IS a lot.

    Thanks for joining the fun again!

    1. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Since I just cut and paste from your challenge page, I didn't notice until I edited the page and noticed the little red squiggle under the month...

      But now that it's over there won't be as many blog updates to read every day.