Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

I've heard enough stories of RV trailer tires failing to convince me that a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) would be a good thing to have. The truck did not come with a system so I was looking for a single system for both the truck and the trailer. So it needed to be able to monitor eight tires. Most of the systems don't monitor enough tires, have enough range to pick up the trailer tires or sufficient pressure range for the H rated tires on the truck. The EEZTIRE T515/SP by EEZRV Products had great reviews and meets all of the requirements.

The system will actually monitor up to 22 tires (steer axle, rear axle, tag axle, and three trailer axles and all axles except the steer can be duals) but I ordered the system with just eight sensors. Four for the truck and four for the fifth wheel trailer. If you prefer, you can get them with flow through sensors so that the pressure can be checked without removing the sensor. But the flow through sensors looked big and bulky. The display is large enough to show all of the tires that you programmed in and has easy to understand words such as "Low Pressure" or "High Temperature" and not just an icon. It can be wired into the vehicle or use the included power adapter. It has a motion sensor to automatically turn on and off as well as a light sensor to turn on the backlight. I'm thinking of ordering two more sensors to monitor the truck and trailer spare tires as well.

Installation was very straight forward. Just go into the code screen, select the tire you are working on, and screw in the sensor. Once the sensor detects air pressure, the monitor will see the code for that sensor. Repeat for each tire. Then you just need to set high and low pressure for each axle and the high temperature. The bigger challenge is trying to figure out where to mount it. I'm using the included suction cup but will probably screw mount it somewhere. Maybe on the overhead console. Power is readily available at the reading lights and it would be completely out of your field of view but easy to see if there is an alarm. The alarms are for high/low pressure, high temperature, and rapid pressure loss.


  1. I've thought about TPMS for Umarang....looking forward to your reviews of this system.

    1. The RV trailer tire industry has a really poor record. And I've heard from some that they could barely feel it when the trailer has a flat until the wheel and tire are completely destroyed and it usually takes part of the floor side of the trailer with at that point. Then the remaining tire gets overloaded and it fails a bit later.