Saturday, May 28, 2016

Talkeetna USCA Campout - Part 2

Another clear day from the campground. This is the Susitna River and one of the jet boat tours that run up and down the river. It was about 82°F this afternoon and is finally starting to cool down. 77°F at 9:30pm. Lots of people in town for the free concerts, softball tournament and other activities. 

On Saturday morning, several got out their stoves to make coffee including an old Primus and a newer Jetboil. Both worked well. I didn't bother getting out either of my MSR stoves until this evening when I made dinner. 

There was a pretty good turnout with four Urals, a couple of BMW GS/DMC rigs and a Yamaha Venture. Non-sidecar equipped bikes were two Yamaha Super Tenere and a BMW F650GS. The BMW was an older one that had the single cylinder Rotax engine and the rider was Justin from the new Ural dealer in Anchorage. In the picture is Doug with his riding partner Echo with the doggles. This is Echo's first camping trip in the Ural. 


  1. About the right size for a meet up, methinks. You still get to talk to everybody ;-)

  2. Perfect fun! I see hats and jackets that don't define Alaskan's at 80-ish degrees....Morning temps?

  3. Whatever happened with Jon, the new dealer in Fairbanks?

    1. Lost his lease on the shop. Without a physical location, he lost the dealership. Now he is completely out of the moto repair business.

  4. Nice picture of Echo. How did he like his first sidecar adventure?