Thursday, May 26, 2016

4th Annual Alaska USCA "Rally"

Not really a "rally" in the traditional sense. No one makes money, no organized events, no vendors, no admission. The initial mailing list came from the United Side Car Association and this will be the fourth time we are meeting at the city campground in Talkeetna, AK.

Talkeetna is a very touristy town that is some ways seems to be a leftover from the 60's. Lots of arts and craft shops, tie dye items, and over priced dust catchers catering to the tourists shuttled here from the cruise ships by bus and train. The Alaska contact for the USCA is an avid soft ball player and there is a large tournament here with games being played well into the night under the light of the midnight sun.

We are headed down on Friday morning sometime. Bridget was originally going to ride in the sidecar but she needs to bring her two dogs along. So they will be driving down instead. First road trip for the dogs. JedR will be riding down with me on his 2015 Patrol as he did last year except this time it's well broken in. Last year, it was brand new and on it's first road trip.

I've been using my homemade air box ever since I came back from my trip last summer. So I think that it has proven itself and I have the carburetor jets dialed in pretty well. This will be the first real trip with the plastic fence post air cleaner housing. AKA Leftka-3, named after the SovietSteeds individual who came up with the design.

Probably no posts during the weekend as last year there was very poor AT&T signal and no Verizon at all. I will be taking down a GCI phone this time. Maybe it'll actually work...


  1. Have fun Richard, will stop back after your return home.

  2. Have fun Richard!

    We are thinking about an Alaska cruise, have been for a while. If and when we do that, Susan and I will be part of one of those annoying mini hordes of tourists.

    I apologize in advance. It seems the only decent thing to do.