Friday, April 1, 2016

An Early Spring

This is what "breakup" looks like around here. This morning it was slightly below freezing and it's supposed to get up to +48°F this afternoon. Ballaine Lake has some standing water on the surface and there isn't much snow left on the ground. Maybe a couple of inches. But at least it's sunny. The NWS reported that for the first time ever, somewhere in Alaska was over 70°F. I believe that this was in Southeast AK.

The Ural is (still) running nice and smooth though it did die when I pulled up to an intersection. So I cranked up the idle speed when I got back home followed by re-balancing the carbs. My suspicion that the left cylinder was working harder may have been right as today, the left head temperature never went more than ~25°F above the right. This also suggests that the CHT gauge and sensors are working properly. Just to get a second opinion, I ordered a relatively cheap infra red thermometer off of Amazon.

According to Weather Underground, we are up to 13:34 hours of sun above the horizon now and gaining at almost 6 minutes per day. I think that this is one of the warmest winters we've had in a long time. Not a single day of -30°F or colder at least none that I remember. The record low for today was -47°F if that gives you an idea of how weird this is.

Today was just too nice of a day to not ride around. I just need to avoid highway speeds and long grades for a while. I believe the break in time is 1500 km.

BTW, don't miss the phenomenal Alaska moto-video on AlaskaPeek's latest blog post. 


  1. What do you think is causing the left cylinder to work harder? I always heard the right cylinder runs cooler than the left due to the sidecar forcing more air over the cylinder.

    1. Oh and thanks for the tip about the movie on AlaskaPeek's blog, missed it the first time I read the posting.