Saturday, April 23, 2016

20,000 km and Blogging Tools

This afternoon, I had stopped in town to sign a board document and I noticed that the odometer on the Ural was showing a minor milestone. I had replaced the speedometer about a year ago and it read 24,116 km so in reality the rig has 44,116 km on it with almost half put on in the last year. Now, if I can keep that miles between overhaul high I think that I may be in good shape.

My favorite iPad blogging app had been Blogsy. Sometime in the last couple of months, the authors decided not to update the product and had it removed from the App Store. Since I am now on a new iPad, a 9.7" iPad Pro (referred to as the "baby pro" in some reviews) I was reinstalling all of my old apps. Since Blogsy was on the front page, it's absence was noted.

Some searching yielded BlogPad Pro as a possible replacement. It was originally developed for WordPress but at some point in time, Blogger support was added. I had tried a bunch of other blogging apps before settling on Blogsy and most of them worked but usually failed at picture formatting. BlogPad Pro fails less. I still needed to go in and "tweak" the html for pictures on the left. The default is to leave 1em on the left side and 0 on the right. This would cause the text to be right up against the edge of the photo. Pictures on the right work just fine. Another problem seems to be paragraph spacing. The wysiwyg editor show it fine but when posted, all of the spacing goes away.


  1. I tried blogsy, but the formatting was at odds with the look I liked. The Blogger app is OK in a pinch, but it handles photos a little weirdly.

    I settled on Byword and use it to draft in pure text. Then I copy and paste into the Blogger interface. I finish posts on the Mac using the Blogger interface.

    I'm not sure why it's such a challeng to come up with a decent app.

    1. Was that the iPad version of Blogsy you tried or the iPhone version? I thought the iPhone version was horrible but the iPad version had tons of formatting options.

      With Byword, do you use Markdown or plain text? I have been looking at Markdown editors but haven't figured out how to use them effectively.