Thursday, April 2, 2015

MS@W Challenge

Chris over at EverydayRiding challenged other bloggers to try and catalog how much motorcycle stuff at work (MS@W) there is in our workspace.
  • Ural ceramic mug
  • BMW airhead ceramic mug
  • GoPro camera and battery charger
  • Sierra Designs tent
  • Nolan tinted visor
  • HD keychain
  • Power Trip denim riding jacket
  • Eleven issues of the BMWMOA magazine
  • Four issues of the Airhead magazine
  • Touratech sticker
  • Revzilla stickers
  • BMWMOA stickers and rally patches
  • Two Dirt Track Productions DVDs
  • American Borders (Carla King's book)
  • Lois on the Loose (Lois Pryce's book)
  • Ural owners manual
  • Ural service manual
  • Clymer service manual for BMW
  • Team Oregon keychain
Plus some other non-moto items:
  • Specialized Hard Rock bicycle
  • Fisher x-country skis
  • X-country ski boots
  • Lots of water bottles, misc. tools, 


  1. Richard you have me beat by a long shot. I've a little die cast motorcycle (it's not even a Yamaha it's a Kawasaki Vulcan) and a couple of pictures. That's it!

    1. I'm guessing that kindergarten classrooms aren't moto-themed?

  2. I have both of those books (American Borders/Lois on the Loose); they are great. Lois's book through Africa is also good.

    No pictures though?? :)

    1. My office is a mess. Plus, you said to take a pic OR blog about it. (Pretty legalistic, eh?)

  3. Hmmmm, my workplace is my home....too much moto stuff to list.... :(

    1. Then there was the time when you worked out of the sidecar...